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Breakfast Charcuterie Board 

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How to make a

Breakfast Grazing Boards are perfect for Brunch or Breakfast gatherings. They are easy to assemble and customize with your favorite breakfast foods.

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Breakfast Grazing Board


1+ people


Breakfast or Brunch


30 minutes




Choose 2-3 items from each category: Breads (biscuits, pancakes, muffins, etc.), Meats/Protein, Fruit, Dips/sauces/Spreads, and Cheese

Select your foods


Tip: Make sure to have every item pairs well with at least 1 other item and be sure to balance there is a good balance between sweet & savory with a some pops of acid to lighten things up

If desired cover your board with wax paper. Gather a bowl or carafe for each   spread or sauce, and spoons, forks, knives etc for serving. 

Prepare to assemble


Start by placing the bowls and carafes around the board, then add the breads, followed be meat and cheese. Use the fruit to fill in any gaps. 

Assemble the board


Tip: Arrange natural pairings near each other (ex: Biscuits near jam) and be sure that wet fruit (such as sliced melon) is not touching any of the breads. 


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